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Card Shuffling Machine
Saturday, 10 May 2008
Card Shuffling Machine
When all the boring and routine work we are trying to give to machines, they can also do this task. This gadget will help you if you are too unskilled to shuffle beautifully or too lazy to shuffle at all or if you want to be sure that the shuffler doesn't cheat.
Yuno PC - Coffee Mug That Gives You All the Info
Thursday, 08 May 2008
Yuno PC Gadget
Usually, the lack of time is one of the most serious problems that we encounter everyday. People generally try to do two or even more actions simultaneously to solve this problem, yet it's not an easy task. That's why at present there is a great variety of multifunctional devices. However, given gadget despite the abundance of 2in1 concepts represents an absolutely innovational device. This novelty was designed by Jason Farsai and was called Yuno PC. It’s an amazing gadget.
Smart Drill Guide Gadget
Thursday, 08 May 2008
Smart Drill Guide Gadget
Use the power drill is not an easy task, especially if the surface is rough. The most common mistake made by nonprofessionals is not enough pressure while they are drilling something. As a consequence, drill starts to wander all over the surface before hitting its mark. So you can spoil a great deal of materials before you'll get the one you need. But fortunately due to the new idea of Bongkun Shin you can forget about this. It will help you solve your problem.
Barcode Recycling Trashcans Gadget
Wednesday, 07 May 2008
Barcode Recycling
The present pollution of the environment represents one of the most important problems. A lot of efforts were made to find an adequate solution, yet the only way to change current situation is to combine the efforts of all the countries in the world. Moreover due to the fact that this problem is a global one every person should contribute to the process of controlling the pollution. The ways to do so is to recycle all the products we use. And that’s why this gadget comes.
Portable Foot-Powered Generator
Wednesday, 07 May 2008
Portable Foot Powered
As we been known, all electronic devices need energy to run. After they develop, they need more and more electricity to remain operational. The battery life is a very important parameter for gadgets, knowing it will make you able to say, how long your gadget will help you without recharging. When in a city, where outlets are almost everywhere, this is not a huge problem, but when you are left with no power in the middle of the forest or field - it becomes a huge problem indeed.
Night Vision Glasses
Wednesday, 07 May 2008
Night Vision Glasses
Here come the glasses that can help you to see in dark and light. When you are driving at night, the eyes rapidly get fatigued from the huge contrast between light from the headlights, and surrounding world. If we will not see what is surrounding us something bad might happen. Maybe some night vision device could help, but it will be a little expensive. Tag Heuer, high-end sports watch maker, decided to correct this night driving problem, in a very elegant way.
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